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Status: Declined
Remove the ban for Virtual Desktops steam VR WiFi support ! This feature is the best feature since the launch of the Quest and WE WANT IT !
Honored Guest
Honored Guest
Sorry admin, This is a lie. I have purchased two Oculus Rift sets and was considering two more Oculus systems. In my system I use both Steam and Oculus for my content. I sign a waiver for comfort and safety. As for quality, if you made Kindles and banned books because of "quality" you would soon have an uprising. It is fine to not publish books your platform, but to ban them because you do not approve of quality is pure and simple wrong. Your only reason for this is pure and simple to have a captive audience for your software sales which is also wrong and similar things have been deemed illegal in other hardware platforms.
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Interesting that you have blocked votes so that no one can know how popular this is. Even you.
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I'm pretty bummed the wireless access to Steam got pulled, all I wanted was to play Skyrim wirelessly out in my covered courtyard as the inside of my house is too tiny to play anything safely without smashing things. Now I can't play the one game I really wanted and I'm absolutely crushed. :( I make a point to purchase most of my games through the oculus store to support the devs but some games will never be possible to run directly on the Quest such as Skyrim. The fully wireless option was why I purchased the Quest in the first place so if I'd known this was going to happen I probably wouldn't have bothered. I mean do you really expect me to drag my entire PC outside with me every time just so I can plug in the cable when I could just play wirelessly with perfect freedom? PLEASE allow Steam support again.
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Please enable this support.
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Bring it back. Every single person who plays VR signs a waiver about comfort and safety. More than that, having the cable to play PC VR games is nice, but if you play Steam VR wired, it's more dangerous, not less, than playing them wirelessly. This is simple greed, with Oculus wanting everyone to buy games through their own store to play them wirelessly. Nothing more.
"his feature compromised comfort, safety, and quality to different levels for various people. " Shouldn't it be up to us to decide? I do not believe this response is truthful.
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"We accept experiences vary, but in our testing we found that this feature compromised comfort, safety, and quality to different levels for various people" Why not be honest and say you wanna sell some LINK? >3.000 Useres are fine with comfort, safety and quality, but there's no money in Virtual Desktop steaming with an 80$ cable standing besides..
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Honored Guest
Thanks for helping me to decide that the Reverb G2 is going to be my next purchase.