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Honored Guest
Status: New Idea

I feel like the range of movement in the virtual home (oculus quest 2) is too limited. It would be cool to explore more of the maps. It would be epic to be able to explore the entirety of the winter village. Or even just the classic home. This could also allow more of an immersive experience with your friends.

Retired Support

I actually completely agree. It's such a simple feature, but being so stable when playing with such an immersive device feels a little detached from the whole idea of having the headset in the first place. I personally love the idea and hope that one day the home screen could be a little more "playable", if that makes sense.


Most of the original environments only work on a specific area. Everything outside is just projected on very simple one-sided geometries.
For example, in the winter village. Most of the trees or just like cardboard cutouts outside of the area you can teleport.
Only in some custom environments which aren't that well optimized could be suitable to walk freely around.