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Status: New Idea
I propose to create a Virtual Selfie webcam function that can be moved or enable the avatar tracking function in VR space.
Using this camera, it will be possible to answer video calls in the messenger directly from the VR helmet (with your avatar), even if someone is calling from their PC or smartphone. I think such visual contact between the caller and the avatar answering the call in real time will add liveliness to communication; it’s much cooler to look at a static screensaver with a face. Although at the moment this function will work great in Quest Pro with facial tracking, I think it will also look good on other versions of helmets. Also, with the help of such a Web camera, you can communicate between avatars located in the Horizon room, sometimes you just watch some videos or read articles in your room and there is no way to respond to messages with text, and even more so there is no desire to teleport to the caller’s room and answer video call in a separate window and communicate via video while simultaneously going about your business, this will be a very convenient function.
You can also use this camera to film yourself from the side by installing the camera in the right place in space, for example, to show your actions or to film some software bugs in a VR environment for a video report, since it is not always possible to film this from a first-person view.
Alternatively, you can blog from the camera from the VR space, you can even attach it to yourself and film your gameplay directly from the game or film yourself and friends who came to visit your Horizon house.
This Virtual Selfie Web Camera has a lot of different functions.
And as an option, you can use the Virtual Selfie Web Camera, just like a regular web camera, to create different visual effects and face masks, but this is just fantasy.