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Status: New Idea

This is Giovanni Fantoni Modena, co-founder of Vitruvian VR. We have been invited by Meta to submit our idea.


We are a company based in Italy specialized in manufacturing gyroscopic simulators for VR. We have been recently selected by Silicon Valley's Plug and Play Tech Centre for their advanced hardware and aerospace program. We just won the AWEsome award at the European edition of Augmented World Expo for a demo that, quoting Ori Inbar's words, "is so ahead of its times that it almost feels like science fiction". At AWE Mrs. Jasmine Oh from Meta Horizon could try our prototype and she praised the solution too.

The biggest strength of Vitruvian VR is the reported absence of motion sickness for the majority of its users. Since there is no motion sickness, users are keen to board again.

Among the other Vitruvian VR experiences available at the moment there is a space exploration software that let users roam among 130.000 celestial bodies in the known universe. Fun aside, this is particularly relevant for its educational purposes.

We would be honored to receive other Meta's representatives (perhaps from your Italian division) to try our prototype, either at our HQs in Padua or at the Plug and Play Demo Day on December 16th in Turin.

Here some more videos.

SPACE DIVE extended trailer

Laura Wintering's from European Space Agency

Special Guests at Wired Next Fest

What our customers say

XR Experts at AWE '22