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Level 3
Status: New Idea

Currently I can gift apps all day long... no issues.

I have no way of gifting an album.... this is silly.. if I can buy an app I should be able to buy an album.

Also while on the topic of buying apps and DLC for friends.. Why do I need an e-mail address when buying an app for a friend?  If it's for a friend on my friends list in oculus then it should just use that info... this is also silly... it's 2022 not 1990... if you are in one database (oculus/facebook) and you want to do something you shouldn't need to rely on a different database (e-mail) to get it done... all the cross referencing should exist and be seamless.

Then as yet another very related topic... why do I have to leave the oculus app store inside the headset... remove the headset... grab my phone.. and THEN buy a gift for someone?  Why can't I do it in the VR headset?  That isn't very "metaverse" you should be able to do more in the metaverse... but you can't even do a simple task like buying a friend a game for inside the metaverse without leaving it... that is strange.

App sharing across family members in the same home using multiple headsets also needs improved... but that is less related.  You also need a way to more easily split the apps across the accounts in the advent of like a kid moving out or a divorce.  Thankfully my son's account is stand alone at my Ex's house so I haven't had to worry about that much... but I have 2 headsets and need to set one up for when company comes over and it seems more complicated than most people will deal with (I'm an IT guy so I am not one of those people.. I will sort it out)

Don't get me wrong... it's a great product.. fairly new and being improved all the time.. I'm just not sure why these items were not higher on the agenda... the headsets are hardly profitable... so I would have assumed the ability to easily sell digital content would have been SUPER HIGH on the priority list... but it is all more of an after thought.  Plus the store survives Quest 1 to Quest 2 and will also transition to Cambria/Pro... it's the most universal thing you have other than the OS itself making it more important to the ENTIRE user base.

Level 2

This is still a problem. I just contacted the support team and it's still not possible to gift ingame content to friends. I would have liked to send some friends in the UK a few Beat Saber music packs, but I can't.

Even the option for gift cards isn't available outside of the U.S.A. So that's not gonna work for now either. I already made a now post for that idea. But who knows how long that's gonna take.

If you look at the app Synth Riders there is an option for multi player and if I have the DLC's, my friends can join in on that, even though they don't have the DLC's. That would be lovely to have on other apps as well, like on Beat Saber. That would also cover the problem of not being able to play the music packs together with friends.

Level 3

Since I live in the USA I ironically bought a gift card this week for the mother of the kid I originally posted this about lol... She has her own headset now... And beat saber... And once again I didn't want to play the same songs over and over again...

But I would have preferred to pick the albums.