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Pavlov dev has said that oculus are not wanting to get his great game to Quest. I think Oculus should do everything they can to get this must have game to Quest!
Level 3
This is a huge disappointment for Quest. Was really looking forward to this game on this system.
Level 7
I cancelled my Quest and here's video proof
Level 5
Let the developer do his game in his own way, don't be such a big daddy...
Level 5
I don't want them to allow Pavlov I want them to have transparency about the agreement they put to DEVs to allow publishing on Quest. Confidencility clauses on those agreements are offen to hide other clauses that can be illegal in many countries
Level 2
Maybe grow up. Fire the people making these decisions that hurt your company. Blocking games from being played, on your system, and even blocking games from your store are the reasons why I and many others have stopped supporting your products. It's why I won't buy. Straighten yourselves out. This isn't supposed to be about you cornering the vr market, cause that is never going to happen. But if you wanted to stay around number 1 and 2, this is not how you do it. No one thinks you can be trusted and they are right. You are literally making people very angry. I stopped counting at about 180 people I found online who said they were returning their orders cause of the steam vr problems you are causing. I stopped counting after that but there were plenty more. No one cares if you made your product for you. That's not how this works. People buy a product that has the least restrictions. Samsung Odyssey plus is on sale right now for 300 bucks and it doesn't really have restrictions, except maybe with your games and I suspect that's something you did on purpose. Revive requires rollback to work now. Samsungs all around. I guarantee that's where your money is gonna go. That amd other co peting vr products. Not yours now. You either want people to support your products and know that you can be trusted, or they will go someplace else. After the artificial demand you created for oculus products that's what I got. I was still gonna buy oculus as soon as I could, but then I found the games I bought on your store don't work anymore. Well between that, this pavlov problem, and you blocking virtual desktop, I'm out.
Level 3
It was the person who MADE the game that decided they didn't want to go that way. After a couple days, he has decided (and oculus has agreed to allow him) that his game will be on the official store once ready.
Level 2
you do realize Pavlov is coming to quest, right?
Level 3
December 11 2020 (side loading i believe is also an option), yikes this thread is a salt mine
Level 3
I feel like they should have released the game on the oculus store and then had UPDATES to change what they need!
Level 3
The beta is already on sidequest, and the dev said that it's not ready for the Oculus store