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Status: New Idea

As per my community post at from over two years ago 😆

I spend a lot of time in various VR apps using primarily the mouse and keyboard of my PC (e.g. Immersed, Virtual Desktop, etc.)

Because the Quest 2 controllers are therefore on the desk and not moving, they go idle frequently. When they do... they instantaneously move in the virtual world to stationed directly in front of my face. Second only to the historical behaviour of flying off diagonally to who-knows-where, this is about as annoying as it could possibly be as it occludes my vision while typing, or even causes some interaction (like positioning of a mouse cursor on my virtual PC screen) that I have to pause and fix by looking through the nose space, finding and wiggling my controllers. Thus all focus I had on the work at hand is instantly broken.

Could we get a feature to define the behaviour of the controllers when they go idle? Pointing down and by my sides would be so much better, as would say... remaining exactly where they were when they went idle in the first place - perhaps a more obvious improved default behaviour? 🤷‍:male_sign:

I know DaH_Galaad said just yesterday that this is affecting their VR app development, and I can tell from how Immersed has such a quick timeout for the controllers to disappear that a workaround has had to be implemented there, too.

The most recent Meta response in the thread I refer to (which suggested we post this as an 'idea' here) stated that "controllers repositioning to a default location is a normal function of the controllers" - which is fine, but I would venture that directly in front of the user's face is a poor default to choose.