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Status: New Idea

Why don't we got a SAO VR game yet guys??? I think this would be an epic idea. AR and VR SAO game. I'd love to visit Aincrad and have a game for VR. I think we're WAAAY past over due for a SAO VR Game. Or a MMOVR game rather. We need something like this. I would diffidently pay for it. Also talking to characters using voice chat like Kirito, Asuna, etc. You make your own CaC/Avatar, fight along side them with parties, etc. Or meet other players. Similar to SAO IF, etc. Or make a SAO game similar to the movie in Oracle Scale? Make bosses appear and be able to fight them, etc. Make AI, etc. Make them smart, Summon Yui, etc. Talk to her, ask questions, etc. Talk to Kirito, and everyone else. Go to a boss room, do raids, etc. Why don't we got this yet??? I bet it would sell.