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Status: New Idea

This idea has probably been passed around so many times that it's been lost in limbo and is the exact reason why I can't find it. That or I'm lazy but don't tell my wife that.

I'm starting to build a wireless charging case for my Quest 2. I've seen charging stands for the controllers but always just the cord for the device itself. It was driving me nuts. Sure it's there so we can use these elite straps, attachment battery packs, or even just a super long cord to charge while playing. But nothing to charge while on-the-go. My build is gonna look ghetto for sure and maybe even a bit of an eye sore, but with a simple wireless receiver pad (used for phones that don't have wireless charging) and sewing an insulated/breathable section inside the case, I think I can make something work.

Now as for my idea, the head strap. There is an empty cavity that could store such qi pad and a cord could come out from the side or you can build it into the system so it can have both wireless and USB C options. Your carrying case has so much padding you can get away with installing a slot for a battery pack that turns the entire case into a wireless charging bag. Granted that you make the case so that it has multiple qi pads all around or just in areas where the controllers will be folded together and near the systems head strap. I'm only thinking this will work because I have a weird vase next to my bed that I put my phone into every night. It charges the phone from all sides and has uv sterilization lights.

After typing all this I see there was a post on reddit...looks like my idea will work but I don't trust reddit so I'll find out. Here's hoping you like my idea.