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I have had every generation of Quest headset and think that the new device setup process is pretty slick. Unfortunately, I had a fault with a Quest 3 headset where it would boot to the USB Update Mode menu and needed to get a replacement headset. I was advised that I might get a REFURBISHED replacement (which I was not too happy about) and to return only the HMD itself (no controllers or other accessories).

Here's where the problems start:

1. I received a DHL RMA label with a WAYBILL number and all postage paid together with a link to click to organise collection - it even mentioned in the email where to find the WAYBILL number on the label - great!

...unfortunately, the WAYBILL number would not be accepted. It kept saying "This cannot be used for the import of goods". I was mystified by this and about to raise another ticket to Meta when I spotted that the link in the email took me through to the US DHL site (hidden in the url and easily missed) after navigating to the UK DHL site everything was accepted - phew!

Not all you customers are US based... how about appropriate regional DHL links? or no link at all and just ask users to go to their DHL territory website to arrange pick up?

2. The replacement arrived within 4 days - great! - in a box containing the REFURB (boo!) HMD and nothing else.

I switch it on, it shows the Meta logo / 3 dots / plays the welcome jingle and then switches off. I boot it again & again, put it on charge (might be low on battery?) but it only takes 10mins for the light to go green so it is fully charged. Keep trying it with different attempts to 'reset' it (long power button press, etc.) and after 3 hours of frustration I am about to give up and arrange for this one to be replaced also when I stumble across a Youtube vid saying to check that the face sensor is not blocked. Sure enough there is a *tiny* black sticker covering the face sensor (black-on-black = great choice, not) so the **bleep** thing has just been going into non-use standby.

I don't remember ever having to remove a sticker over the face sensor on any new HMD I have received (including Quest 1, this is my sixth Quest headset) so how about some instructions in the box to mention this?

3. So everything is good to go. But hang on - how will I pair my old Controllers to a new refurbished HMD?

Not easily as it turns out. I switch on the HMD and it tells me to remove the tab from the controllers to pair them (poor thing doesn't know it is a refurb). I sit staring at this video on repeat for over 3 minutes until I take the HMD off in order to refer to the internet. I am advised that it will eventually timeout and I can manually pair them (a heads up on this process would have been nice).

I put the HMD back on and sure enough a PAIR button has appeared - yay! - and I manage to click it... *just* as the automatic language switches from English to German. Great. Now I am going through an unfamiliar process in a language I don't speak. Time to boot back to the USB Update Mode and reset back to factory settings and start all over again...

I don't know where to begin on this one. How about a PAIR button that is always available instead of just telling me to remove the battery tab? how about a language selection option that doesn't feel like russian roulette?

How about any clue on this process provided in the box?

4. Make sure your right controller battery level is good or you are stuffed.

So I go through the process again with some foreknowledge of what to expect. All good - nearly. I managed to manually pair my controllers after patiently waiting for the PAIR to appear and made sure I hit that button before it had cycled to a Korean language option.

My left controller paired and updated no problem. Unfortunately my right controller battery died before it could pair. I put a new battery in it, but now I am up to the setup step where I must press the meta button on the right controller and *NO* other input will do. I could not get back to PAIR step because HMD was now happy that I had controllers. I could not proceed because I could not press the meta button. I was completely stuck and faced with factory resetting it *again*. 

Back to the internet... oh, apparently there is an ability to PAIR established controllers to a new refurbished HMD using the Meta Quest app - who knew? where was this explained?

So, everything is working and I am finally ready to go - but wait:

5. I *really* hope I don't have to go through this process again...

...because on the list of Devices listed on my Meta Account the refurbished HMD that I received is showing as having NO WARRANTY!!

The original brand new HMD that I had to return is showing a Limited Warranty until March 2026, but my replacement is now out of warranty? is this even legal under my consumer rights?  

OK, so that is the story so far. I have played quite a lot of Escape Rooms in VR, but this was by far the most challenging (3/10 avoid).

Some of these problems would need changes to your set up software which is not an easy task,,, but so much of this frustration could have been avoided if you had just put some written instructions in the box to explain how to set up a replacement HMD.

The warranty question is with my lawyers (joke).