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Status: New Idea

The sharpening used in Link and Airlink games is too extreme, IMO, causing too much shadowing around objects and even worse, amplifying video compression noise and color banding to a distracting level. Virtual Desktop features a slider to set sharpening amount, and I find 35-50% to be the right amount of enhancement without introducing the aforementioned issues. Unfortunately, Virtual Desktop cannot be used to play via the link cable where you get the best image quality and latency.


So my request would be to please add a sharpness amount slider in the Link/AirLink interface or at least make this configurable via the Oculus Debug Tool.

Thank you 🙂

Honored Guest

Good suggestion. I think just having a couple of presets in the debug tool would be good enough to see what is the best compromise between sharpness and artifacting.


This is absolutely needed, I used virtual desktop for months, and looked amazing, now with link cable, I enjoy less latency but super soft image or oversharpened image, no matter what, even at max resolution, I'll return my link cable only for this