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I was born with. Congenital Cataracts So What that means for me. is, surgery at one week of age to remove my lenses and having to. Just deal with. things like. high extreme. Sensitivity  to light , not being able to see small fine print. and literally having what my eye doctor literally Refereed to as the worst eyes hes ever seen without. Being completely blind , ,,,, yay   .I also cant drive , can't see 3D, and ive had to learn the path". to funtion as a normal person . 


ive also. Became an artist , chef and i am so familar with.Accessibility set-up and usage on modern tech i have easily assisted many frusterated people in need of using. some accessability features and. Didn't know. That they. had any of them to. use. during my tenyure as a technical adviser. and custom care sales and serve team manager in telecomunications roles. Speaking from my own personal experience I personally. get humiliated and almost heart broken. Sometimes. defeated when i have to struggle or have it. Brought. to everyone that is around the rooms attention. That i can't see and need help to. read something . i don't embarass easy but.  i can't do a thing. to make my. Eyes work. i take full responsibilty for the other crap over got going on, im fat, i cuss and im a know it all. loudmouth **bleep**. but cant change all that lol. even as i try to. Type a coherent. Post. It  be  very. Very hard . so for the record. i did try and im not. an idiot . just comes a point when. you  stop caring about. Things like. Spelling , punctuation and words to. just get it. out of. That  face . i have the page zoom on 250#% pulled as close to my. face as i can get it. But. im struggling to see it with out straining . Plus this.. Keyboard moves and if it wasn't in vr id fill it with uppercuts . But im sitting next to my husband im not trying to. Speak to text and. i shouldn't have to . So i wanted to basically just introduce myself and. say im going to. try to see if i can work on. Some. Things that. are  on mind to. try and make vision. less of an issue. And  just. Wanted to. Make myself available for anyone. else  that  was working on. any vision feature. that might feel feel like. They could benefit from bouncing anything off an actual half blind. chick. ....



Figuratively , don't ever ever try to bounce things from blind people people, we arent good at catching. 

i have  Some.  Good ideas. To share. But i seriously cant. Take. this form to post. in anymore. but i cant change to my mac or i will loose everything i typed .   

 ps i cant see those stupid. Magic eye books either 

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Level 2

Oh good luck