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Status: New Idea

We need national costumes for our Oculus avatar.

When we were talking in the workrooms we noticed that all our avatar outfits are just common T-shirts, hoodies and Indian clothes.
We don't have the traditional plurality of our national dress, for example the kimono.

We want our avatar costumes to look like us so that we can communicate in VR in our own way.



Nice idea.


Hmm, now I have to figure out what the national costume of England UK is 🙂

If this is going down the route of 'what are you wearing?' I'll pm you a photo but you'll wish I hadn't 😐

Knotted handkerchief is uniquely English, that would be fun.



Ah yes, the Gumby look!


I'd like to see a lot more clothing options for the new avatars. It would help if we could also change the colour scheme for each outfit, like we could with the old avatars.


I noticed Venues has recently switched to the new Oculus avatars instead of the ones it started with--I disliked those even more, because there was so little variety (and no facial hair options).

I haven't used Venues recently, kind of waiting for Horizon, but yes we absolutely need lots of options.

I also haven't used Oculus Uservoice recently so here's a reminder to everyone that it's there and please register you suggestions or vote for one's already there.


@makotofalcon Uservoice is Oculus' feedback and suggestion site 

I did a quick search in the Quest/2 section and there's an avatar customisation request listed so I've voted for it.


It doesn't specifically describe national dress as an idea so you could add a comment to the existing request or create a new one with your idea.


Being from Texas, I would love to see some nice Cowboy gear! 😁

Have you ever worn the 10 gallon hat and fringed jacket irl zen? please say yes.


@DaftnDirect wrote:

Have you ever worn the 10 gallon hat and fringed jacket irl zen? please say yes.


On more occasions than I would like to admit 😗





Honored Guest

I would like a lot of new outfits like hippie outfits, retro outfits and some cool outfits. Also more hair styles