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Level 3
Status: New Idea

It would be great to be able to rename the "My Quest 2" device in the App to something else.

Quest 1,Quest2....

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

That, would, be, soooo amazing to have. It'd be nice to be able to tell them apart besides having multiple Quest 2's.

Level 3

Absolutely. I am so sick of having to connect to several different headsets before I find the one I want when casting. The ability to add a nickname to the headset in the app would be a fantastic.

Level 2

I'm actually shoked, that this isn't posible out of the box. I'm working at a school an we use more than one olucus quest two. I'm supervising the students but it is impossible to guess which quest 2 I should connect to. I have to try them all out. Every time I need to help someone. 

This should be an easy fix and actually I thought that this is a standard for every wifi connected device. Especially, when it's that expensive.

Please fix this

Level 2

You can rename your device using MQDH after your device set to develop mode. This is the only known way works and seems Meta is not going to add the simple function into the app. I've seen this topic at least since April last year.

I'm managing a lot of Quest 2 for my company. It's crazy to see all same name in the list.