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Status: New Idea

Hi, I work with digital development of automotive and aerospace products and I'm planning to use Oculus Quest 2 to carry out product design reviews in a virtual reality environment.


Currently I know that it is possible to cast the headset image to a TV, in order to have an interaction of more people during the discussions, I mean, I have a person using the headset and several others watching what the headset user sees. I understand that if we had the possibility to transmit the image that is being seen by the headset user to other headsets, there would be more people with the feeling of immersion in the VR environment, which would help a lot in decision-making regarding the product under development.


Do you think it would be possible to add this functionality to the equipment?

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Honored Guest

I’ve been thinking about this too:

a VR video call, but you see the other persons POV  

using yours and theirs external cameras on our Quest headsets, see the others POV 

this would be a great tool to learn how to do certain tasks from a POV aspect. Good for training scenarios. Motion sickneAs would have to be figured.