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Status: New Idea

have no idea where to start so i'll just go with .... I was showing my daughter the home environments on my meta quest 2... she was amazed after a few minutes she said...... wouldn't it be wonderful if i could just have a meadow to sit in and watch the bees, birds and butterflies flying about or maybe take a 'walk' through  a wood and see squirrels deer and rabbits milling around...just to...'take some time out and be calm'. she was recently diagnosed with cancer so i get the '''just be calm for awhile'..... so got me thinking there must be a fair few people out there who could also benefit from 'some down time'....and if you can't get out to experience it then why not do so through the VR headset....... so.....that's my 'idea'........have no concept on how or even IF it could be created but i'm sure there are some genius'out there who do........thanks for listening........Dug