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Sarah Barrick - Launch Pad - Weeks 5 & 6: The Lincoln Experience

Level 5
These past two weeks have not been as productive as I would have liked. I've been aggressively looking for a new job in a field that more closely aligns with my personal and professional goals, and have found myself working later and later at my current job. Between those two things, I have struggled to make steady progress on Lincoln.

I did squeeze in some more work on the color scripts, but its been slow. Below you can see the basic blocking of shapes and lighting, but once the panels are finished they'll require another refining pass:


I have also done some grey box work, but its really just a plane with some generic shapes - nothing refined enough to share. Thanks to @erica_layton for sharing her Sky Islands VR GDD, I lifted her document as a template and tweaked it for TLE (see attached doc: TLE_GDD_v1.)

For Week 7 I really need to start wrapping up my pre-viz work and move into 3D so that I have something to deploy to the GearVR for the application period opening up in just a few short weeks!

I am looking forward to feedback on my GDD, especially since I tried to adapt it for "immersive animation" instead of an actual game. 🙂