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Week 4: Game Dev Document On the way!!!

Things I've completed in my GDD:
  • Theme/Setting/Genre
  • GamePlay Mechanics Brief
  • Targeting Platforms
  • Monetization Model
  • Influences
  • Elevator Pitch/Brief project Description/Detailed Project Description
  • What sets game apart

Things to come Next:
  • Project Scope (Time, Team, Costs, etc.)
  • Story
  • Script/first episode
  • Gameplay specifics
  • Assets needed
  • Schedule
This week I'm trying to collect art references so I can start planning asset requirements.  Additionally I need to write a script for the first episode to show how experience will work.  Until those are sorted I can't plan out the scope and get working on the demo.  You can see some of the art I've selected on my pinterest board here:

Elevator Pitch for the game is:

A VR game that teaches kids how to survive life’s challenging and dangerous situations.  Think FEMA training done by Tim Burton. “Dumb Ways to Die”, but broader and more immersive.  

I need to get a better name for the game.  Right now I've got a placeholder of "Keep yourself alive".  I hate it.  I love puns, and I'm sure something more apt will come along.   Suggestions are welcome.  

Listened to a great podcast today about serious games, and got a great tip to make sure that the "proof points" for the ROI for investors are there from the beginning.   

A report titled “Harnessing the Power of Videogames for Learning” from the 2006 Summit on Educational Games by the Federation of American Scientists found that: "Students remember only 10 percent of what they read; 20 percent of what they hear; 30 percent if they see visuals related to what they hear; 50 percent if they watch someone do something while explaining it; but almost 90 percent if they do the job themselves, even if only as a simulation."

Simulations can be effective, but I want to "put chocolate on the broccoli".   Serious games can use fun narratives and creative art styles, right?  Damn Right!


This sounds fantastic! If you need a couple of testers when you have your game running I have 2 young vr enthusiasts. : )

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This is some good work@AmyAngryNirdsAllison! I'm about the same process with my GDD - how do you plan on attacking the Project Scope portion? I am struggling with defining my time/costs.

Well, I will share that in our production stage we have already put in over 240 hours. This is past design concept because I had that pretty clearly refined. I have tried to keep track of time for tasks for future project bidding but no one likes that kind of admin work. That is two people working side by side on various aspects of the project. I don't know if that helps. We have trashed things that we found better ways of doing them, so we could do it faster a second time or know better on a future project. We work in 2 or 3 day marathon pushes of 10 to 12 hours a day because that is what our live's permit.
I can answer questions on this, what I would like to know is the monetization model. What are you using? Is there any empirical data? This is more obvious in other forms of content development.

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A VR game that teaches kids how to survive life’s challenging and dangerous situations.  Think FEMA training done by Tim Burton.



Mindshift VR:  Monetization model is still not known. 

SBarrick, once I get this document complete, I'll be meeting with a friend of mine who is a EX Producer in the games industry.  So, my goal is to get all this info fleshed out to move forward.