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Weekly Update - Last Week

Level 4
I have been taking a break from working on my Launch Pad project this past week. This is primarily because I hit a wall in writing the business plan around this because there are no numbers available, no empirical data on sales of vr titles and no definitive numbers on headsets sold. So I spent the week "fueling the jet" or working on non VR projects for my clients giving me the money for the final push. This is reminding me of my independent film making days as we are self financing this project at this point.

I am taking a dedicated class to further learn unity next weekend from Hallie McConlogue who is also my partner in creating Mindshift VR. It is a class for women since it came out of the Academy. If anyone is interested there are still a couple of seats left. It is next weekend for three days and is here in San Francisco.

I need to get a VR camera and learn to stitch but being someone who films on RED and high end camera's I have not found anything I want to sink money in just yet.

My project is coming along nicely. We have changed from sitting meditation to moving meditation.  The concept is that being in a beautiful relaxing world, moving through it and exploring it is the meditation experience. There are specific guided meditations to explore but it is not about traditional sitting meditations any longer.

I'm beginning to arrange meetings with Doctors and healers to discuss this project.

That is all I've got from this past week.