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What I learned during the launch pad about non-gaming content.


For the last three months I have done intense research
and development on producing virtual reality. The first project was developing “mediation
vr”. It soon became apparent that “sitting” in a headset to do meditation made
very little sense. Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that allows the
opportunity to suspend thought patterns and provide mental relief. Thought
patterns being defined as pain, depression, anxiety, dementia, addiction, and
mental conditions such as stress from life on life’s terms. In the same way
that meditation has been proven by the medical community to provide health
benefits, virtual reality has the uncanny power to relieve the mind the suspending
or distracting mental “loops”.  Ok, so
gamers already intuitively know this and spend hours in suspension. We love
gamers because they are bringing back that resurgence of Virtual Reality. Once the
gamers bring virtual reality home and share it with friends and family it will
be contagious. There will be the rapid adoption of Virtual Reality as
predicted. The need for content other than violent, scary and destructive games.
To clarify, not all games are such, but many of the most popular games are. The
point is the need for other content, casual games and experiences will be huge.
HTC just launched VIvePort, which further proves my belief. Our limited user
testing in three days of public demos revealed our non-gaming, no score, not
even some sort of task related end goal, but just an environment to explore is
something people want and enjoy. We demonstrated at public events and our booth
had lines. Exit surveys showed that people really do like to explore virtual
worlds. The other thing we learned was the unusual kinds of things that people
are attracted to, being under waterfalls, sitting in water, mountain tops, free
range exploration, just sitting still in one spot, and trying to get close to animals



Expert Protege
@Mindshiftvr thanks for sharing the results of your exit surveys! Its interesting to hear about the "unusual" things you learned! 🙂