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Trauma Care VR: week 2

Week 2:Get close to finalizing script and design doc. What we have is scenes which is an intro/splash, boundaries: personal and professional, communications, and outburst. In the intro scene what I had in mind is to focus on the school it self. I wan...

Project: Trauma Care VR

Synopsis:I plan to leverage the interactive 360 video films as teaching tools for teachers and students. I want to create an interactive and immersive VR environment educational tool for training professionals to properly support their clients at hom...

XENTITY: Progress Update.

After Connect3, I've make a little more steps to reach out my final goal.Here are my progress. IF YOU HAVE GOOD SUGGESTION OR COMMENT, FEEL FREE TO LEAVE REPLY.You can guess or imagine how the final VR experiences are by combining below three video c...

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Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio- Launch Pad "Reviva"

Hi, I'm Lisa, a game designer at my company Intropy Games. We make cute games that tug on heartstrings, and currently have games on Steam, Wii U, and iOS. I frequently attend game jams to hone my craft, specifically I attended the last Train Jam wher...

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MJ Dev Weekly Updates

Week 1: Catching UpI've been a little late getting started on the Forum, so I've got some catching up to do! I had always planned to make my first post a recap of my experience at the Launch Pad event itself, so a little late but here it is (I had pr...

mjohns by Explorer
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Launch Pad must go on. ^^

A. LEAP motion testingI installed LEAP motion controller on my desktop and test it. I am going to use this controller as a user input devices.If I could get a Rift or Vive bundle package included Headset, positon sensors, nVidia GTX 970~10xx GPU mach...

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Aquma - Weekly Updates - VR de los Muertos

I finally have thing on the screen! After a hurdles of 1 month of not having a working VR headset and 5 weeks of teaching kids game/app dev and being constantly exhausted I now have something that is resembling a project. Click on pic above or link f...

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Ana Maria Alvarado - Launchpad "Here | Silvrlake"

Here | Silvrlake (week 1)After attending the Oculus Launchpad I was able narrow down the type of content I would like to produce, scope as well as story. HERE will be a series of episodic 3-5 min experiences, that highlight the personality of a neigh...

Kwesi Davis - Prayer Peace & Power

WEEK 1-3Prayer Peace & PowerProject Pitch:In the black church, we devote time to “altar call”. Church members come to the altar, kneel and pray. They pray for themselves, for loved ones, for the church, for whatever hits their heart. If they pray lon...

3DNegro by Protege
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Robin Koman - Launch Pad - Week 13- "Invisible, Like Me"

I know that technically we're done, and we don't have to keep posting, but I find myself missing my near-daily visits to the forum to review peoples' posts. The Facebook page helps, but it's not the same as the fuel I get from all of your accomplishm...

rkoman by Protege
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Major Breakthrough!!!

Guys, GUYS!!!I’ve had a major MAJOR breakthrough that has allowed me to sort out a major issue with my experience that I was struggling with. So excited to share my progress here with all of you now that I have had more clarity on how to move forward...

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Hassan Karaouni - All Weeks - "My: home"

My name is Hassan Karaouni and I'm a grad student at Stanford University. I recently made the transition into focusing my studies on A/VR and am most excited by the power to take people to entirely new worlds. I am eager to explore applications to ed...

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Emre Tanirgan - Launch Pad "Paradiddle"

Hey everyone! I realized I still haven't done a proper introduction on the Facebook group, so I figured I'd just do it here. I'm Emre, I graduated about a year ago from UPenn with my Bachelor's and Master's in computer graphics programming. I've been...

Robin Koman - Launch Pad - Week 13- "Invisible, Like Me"

As we walk across the finish line at 11:24 PDT (after a frightful moment where we had to refill the typeform application--thank goodness for saving that info in a separate document) I feel so accomplished, hopeful, and very, very tired. Haha! I thoug...

rkoman by Protege
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What a hot Summer with VR!

I've just submitted Launch Pad Scholarship Form and share my vision and concept of future plan.Because of a personal trouble in the first half of this Summer, I couldn't invest my time and energy in this wonderful chance for VR design and development...

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EyezVR submitted!!!

Done with the launch pad submission finally!!! Woot Woot! Lots of last minute drills. The video capture using Oculus utilities in Gear VR on S6 generates a 1024x1024 video which works well for the most part. The problem is that the Oculus store requi...

mmusa by Protege
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Week 13: I made it!!!

Just finished the online form submission. I'm heading now to put up the game build and wanted to thank this whole group for all of the support and love throughout this summer. Even if I'm not awarded the money to go further, it's been a wild ride ful...