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SkyIslands VR

Hello, from a world where islands float in the air, and an ancient guild of mages once lived, only to vanish. Clues about who they were and the ecological disaster they wrought can be found in the landscape. Your mission is to help restore balance, a...

Moki’s Adventures: Week 12

Hi guys! So sorry, I forgot to post that my update was live! Here you go –’s my shortest update yet, as I’m still on vacation in Stockholm – progress this week was primarily thanks to my husband...

akababa by Level 4
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Week 12: Crossing the Finish Line!

This week I've collected all of my work and started to create a project section on our Website. The pages I've built so far:Intro/description pageWhy I picked a "serious game" for this projectMy influences from other games/examples of similar gamesTh...

Cyndi Buchanan - Smoky Mountain VR

We have finally made some huge progress with Smoky Mountain VR this week. We built our menu system in Unity, built in the button functionality and added the photospheres and videos that we need. Things are progressing pretty fast now. The thing we ar...

My VR Journey 101 – So Many VR Ideas so Little Time

Written on 5/21/16My immediate attraction to VR induced flashbacks to my days as a production manager working on music videos and commercials, and it’s where I hoped to begin my VR career, but I was all over the map – I wanted to create VR films, DJ ...

Tanya Leal Soto LaunchPad Weekly Updates

Tanya Leal Soto - LaunchPad Weekly Updates- Weeks 1 & 2 My name is Tanya Leal Soto I’m a CreativeProducer, Storyteller and Content Creator for multiple platforms. I have workedin Theatre, Film, TV and Art Exhibits for the last 15 years. I have a fasc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Moki’s Adventures: Week 13

I can’t believe the time has come! It’s been an amazing journey, as I’ve mentioned on the Facebook group, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have been a part of this brilliant, ambitious, talented group of Creators! It truly has been an honor and ...

akababa by Level 4
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Shifting POV: Soul Bare Proof of Concept is Live

Wow! ... This has been a long, long climb ... I finally finished and uploaded Shifting POV 2nd Proof of Concept, which we will land on the website [] tomorrow ... This is a huge milestone. We have met our goal to produce two films each...

Atomic Vacation update--getting real!

My interactive designer and long time collaborator, Cyril Tsiboulski is up and running on Unity. We will have crude but workable proof of concept demo for the application. Meanwhile, on my end, I am in talks with the Heinz history center in Pittsburg...

Week 11: I have a game build!

I did it! I learned enough in Unity on my own (using Fungus) to make a click-through playable demo of my game flow showing decision making. I've turned my post-its into an interactive game. OMG!!! And, I liked it! Like Katy Perry when she kissed that...