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Oculus Launch Pad 2017 demo party!

Yay the due date is past! I hope you finished what you wanted to. But even if you didn't: join in on the demo party! Let's all play/watch each other's experiences!This thread's got some OPTIONS! Do one, do both! Whatever you want to do!Post a screens...

Oculus Launch Pad - Dilan Shah

As I write, I'm at work for Virtually Live in Eichenreid, Germany giving demos to people (mostly kids). I feel strongly that with VR you must don a headset to realize what it is. The core idea I submitted for Oculus Launch Pad (here forth, OLP) was c...

Week 12: Overachiever Achievement Unlocked

What a busy final week! Based on feedback from last week, we added a few small itemsto help build out the game experience. The first train conductor the playerinteracts with will now point at the train (behind the player) after handingthe player a tr...

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Almost All Done!

You know, I am not one for drama but I am in the middle of putting the final touches on all the documents and sending them asap, tonight for sure. This hurricane is adding some drama! I've lived through a whole lot and there's always a chance of loos...

Almost All Done!

You know, I am not one for drama but I am in the middle of putting the final touches on all the documents and sending them asap, tonight for sure. This hurricane is adding some drama! I've lived through a whole lot and there's always a chance of loos...

Week 12 - Final stretch!

The finish line is clearing!! Woo hoo!!!So, i'm back from Alaska this week, and savoring the last few items for the best. Unfortunately i caught the flu when i came back, and then pneumonia, it hasn't been the most fun week. On topic, the good, the b...

RPVY by Protege
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Week 11 - Jam or Bust

This week I traveled to SF for some promising VC meetings, jumped back to Seattle for PAX, and am staring at utterly too many hours of work left and this deadline looming.Finishing this project in the few hours a week I had to spare was always a long...

Cigdem Slankard - Week 11

I shot a new segment which will be the core of my submission piece. I've been editing all day. I will go back and record some audio tomorrow morning. The app is under way. It will be a busy week until the 10th. Here are a few frames from my video. Se...

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Trauma Care VR: week 11

This week:all issues were resolved. initial prototype flow has improvedstarted improving camera angle and designAll issues dealing with app crashes was solved. I believed it was caused by wifi issues. Went to meet with my developer to figure the issu...

Trauma Care VR: week 10

This week:got mock up flow completeddid allot of bug fixes and crashesThis week there was not much to show other than completing the flow of the app based on the design doc. Was able to implement controller use. Was able to implement rotational trigg...

Week 10 - Blendshapes and re-rig

First week in a while that did not have a ton of travel, so I got a lot done...though next week is a trip to SF for a meeting, then PAX when I get back to Seattle. I literally budgeted for 6 weeks in my last post, only to realize there are only 2 wee...

Week 10: Oculus Launch Pad (Due August 27th Midnight) AG

WEEK 10....Prototype submissions coming up soon. Its been fun and quite the learning curve me. Loving every step. I'm behind but still pushing. On that "you just don't know what you don't know" sort of journey as our instructors in the 360 Program me...

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Cigdem Slankard - Week 10

This was one of those weeks full of things to do and a lot of work done, but nothing completed. This is why I like the blog posts because it makes you think of what you have accomplished even when there isn't a complete product to show for it.1- I st...

Oculus Launch Pad Week 10 - Aug 24

Hey all, As I get ready to go offline for the burn I am looking forward to taking some time out. There are so many ups and downs to this process, all are exhausting, both the highs and the lows. I am very excited that we now have a working beta, whic...

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Trauma Care VR: week 9

Completed this week:solved errors of resolution with developerdecided in unity to have it only be one scene without additional loadinguploaded all videos that needed corrections in YouTubehad clean up and shared the developer of the wireframe of the ...


Week 9: Oculus Launch Pad (Due Aug 20th Midnight) AG

WEEK 9 Still biggest challenge has been developing all my assets and then figuring out the Functionality in a 360 Cinematography captured and VR Experience hybrid using CG interactivity. Primarily not having much experience with Unity ...

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Cigdem Slankard - Week 9

This week I worked on pairing 360 video with ambisonic audio. I recorded my audio with the Zoom H2N, edited on Premiere and exported audio and video separately, to be combined later. Since my prototype is conversation driven, I believe the use of amb...

Week 9 - Eclipse

Last week was mostly traveling for work, and this week my family rented an RV and is in Oregon waiting to see this amazing eclipse tomorrow. It feels like this project is nearing the make-or-break moment, as the animation has gotten painfully complex...

Trauma Care VR: week 8

Completed this week:film reenactment of trauma situation and was the final shootuploaded most of 360 film onto YouTube other than ones needing editinghad set up mock scene to show progressFilm my last scene of reenactment of trauma situation. I had o...

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