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Week 1 Blog Post

Honored Guest
Since I was having trouble logging into the forum - I created a podcast for my first entry... you can find it here. Also, I've written a few (or a lot) notes below. 

My background is in launching and running innovation and acceleration programs for tech startups and founders. My company Bravr Labs ("braver") is a community-driven accelerator program for XR content creators and startups. I came to Launchpad this year with the intention of developing an experience that would bring the standard pitch process for startups into VR. My goal was to create a virtual reality pitch experience because a founder/creator's pitch is the foundation for their ability to take work/company to the next level - either via funding, partnerships, bringing on team members, etc. At a non-experiential tech startup (something in mobile or that uses AI or whatever the tech is), a traditional pitch deck is effectively able to communicate all the important information about that product/service/startup (if it is done well).  At a traditional tech startup, the audience is able to give immediate feedback about the product/service/company as they interact with the solution.  The problem I ran into time and time again is that VR cannot be communicated, it MUST be experienced. Therefore, when pitching a VR product/service/startup the audience must be able to give the creator/founder feedback about their work in real-time and from within the medium itself. 

So I've spent my time talking with as many creators and experts in the field as I can, in fact, since the bootcamp weekend, I've spoken to over 100 people to iterate on this problem and opportunity. I've come to a solution that should lead to a feasible MVP that can scale key platform at Bravr Labs: an immersive collaboration platform for creators to give and receive feedback on their work from inside VR using audio and visual annotations. I've been exploring what the ideal team must consist of to deliver on this MVP, so far it looks like the following:
  • seasoned backend engineer/architect to build the platform in unity and potentially leveraging gamesparks and develop the technical specs (interviewing)
  • jr. unity developer to assist the lead architect on implementing collaboration tools and features  (interviewing)
  • UX/UI designer to develop the design specs, wireframes/mockups, and UI/UX interfaces & interactions  (negotiating)
  • Animator to collaborate with the UI/UX designer  (negotiating)
  • UX researcher to research and test the experience and features of the platform (negotiating)
  • audio specialist to design and supervise the implementation of audio notes on top of an existing experience (secured)
  • product/project manager to ensure the team works seamlessly, hits milestones, and address challenges along the way (secured)
  • biofeedback specialist to advise and implement passive feedback mechanisms alongside the active ones we are building (secured) 
My Timeline & Progress:  
  • Phase 1: Onboard the Team
  • Phase 2: Develop the Design/Technical Specs & Submit for Provisional Patents
  • Phase 3: Develop the Platform
  • Phase 4: Develop the annotation/collaboration tools
  • Phase 5: Test & Iterate
  • Phase 6: Submit MVP: September 30
Works of Inspiration
  • Where Thoughts Go: audio -> visual capture and expression of thought and community — wonder how to leverage this principle for giving feedback in VR
  • High Fidelity — social VR and co-creation metaverse - spot to host VR pitches and collaborative events
  • NVRMIND  -- content creations tools for animators
  • Mindshow
  • Within - the UI is great and it is a great platform to feature 360 content 
  • TIltbrush/Google Blocks — visual building tools that can be collaborative and prototype 
  • Google Docs - best real-time collaborative feedback mechanism on working documents in 2D 
  • AltspaceVR - great segway from 2D —> 3D social platform  , WXR pitch event 
  • GitHub - open source code and host for hackathons & startups

Huge Thanks to Everyone Who Has Taken the Time to Give Me Feedback -- if I didn't list you, I definitely will next week - so much to consolidate for one post! 
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