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Week 12

Honored Guest
I ran into the biggest problem this week: the Oculus Go will not allow the ABD command. The command during run time the ADB needs “permission” to run and android has turned off 3rd party permission on that command over a year ago stating "Not for use by third-party applications. “.  When we run ADB and the command string at runtime we get Error=13 which is a permission error.

This means I cannot actually record live video from the Go unless I can work from a hardware level.  My my hope is that if I can prove my MVP on the Rift that this will be something Oculus and I can discuss so that’s I can take my platform across all Oculus headsets (unless we just skip the Go and move straight to the Santa Cruz...). I am going to explore single screen captures but it will be a pain in the ass to stitch those back together into a video. I really wanted to make this work on the go because I believe having a the ability to annotate live on the go will open up a huge amount of opportunity in enterprise and consumer-facing applications as well. Looks like this will be phase 2 now. 

Luckily, I originally had developed this project for the Rift but it will take me a few days to move the code base. move all the code back to the rift from the Go. Between moving this last minute, and revising the UI - I definitely have my work cut out for me. And then hopefully I’ll be able to focus on uploading some sample content from other OLp participants and other creators.

on the plane to OC5 now - WiFi has been terrible. Wish me luck!