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Oculus Mobile Avatars - 3/18 Build

Heroic Explorer
Hey all,

Updating the latest available Avatars build.

Included in this release:
  • A fix for an Alpha error we were seeing, causing some Avatar components to become semi transparent
  • A fix for Voice visualization (currently showing on Avatars as always-on)
Release notes:
  • After unzipping the updated build, the Unity integration is under: OVRAvatarSDK/Unity/OvrAvatar.unityPackage
  • Your Horizon Mobile app should now have updated to include the latest Avatars SDK. If you were previously testing against the APK that I shared, try building against your updated APK.
  • The PC SDK hasn't yet updated to 1.13, so you'll still need the workaround detailed here to build on the PC. The PC update should happen next week.
  • Make sure to specify your App ID in the 'Gear App ID' field, not the 'Rift App ID' field. We added this previously to allow both build targets from the same Unity scene.

Reminder - You can now remove these files as they are stored locally on the Oculus Horizon Apk
  • Plugins/Android/assets/avatars/
  • Plugins/Android/assets/
This should shave c.30mb off your app size.

Coming early next week
  • A fix for the base cone. In the absence of Rift's 6DOF tracking we realized that Avatar height was never being set correctly for the base cone, as such things aren't currently showing up as intended.

As always, we appreciate your ongoing feedback. For our launch partners, worth noting that the deadline for app submission is this coming Friday (3/24). The Avatars team is all hands this week to triage bug fixes, so please let us know if you are having any issues. I'm also more than happy to jump on a call or help test multiplayer Avatars and provide feedback, if it's helpful.

Mike Howard
Product Manager, Oculus Avatars

Glad to hear about the height fix! Totally didn't even think of that as a bug haha

Couple of things I've noticed and some feature requests:
  • Having a scene with multiple avatars that have a combination of combined and non-combined mesh options set will render avatars without accessories. (I've got a thread with @cerm going about this and have sent him a sample scene reproducing the issue)
  • Networked avatar data seems quite heavy (~400 bytes per packet).  Not sure why this is, but am curious if there is any work being done to reduce this.
  • Would be very nice to have a post-start "setup" method for creating new avatars at runtime.  Currently when instantiating an avatar, you have to ensure that the avatar enters the scene disabled, then set the avatar ID, then enable the avatar, otherwise the Oculus ID field is ignored.  I've gotten around this with a "setup" method that is called to redo what the start method does.
  • Having some "anchor points" for placing accessories on avatars would be incredibly helpful.  I know that this is a bit tough to do universally, but it'd be great as a starting point.
I've gotta say, the integration of this has been beyond smooth, so great job on everything so far!

@GEMISIS - You mentioned packets of ~400 bytes, I've seen packets of up to 1500 bytes....

That was the number I saw most of the time 2 versions ago now, so it could have gone up.  This hasn't impacted our game hugely, but I do want to optimize it as much possible for mobile.

Heroic Explorer
@phindle and @GEMISIS, I'm curious if either of you are implementing the CAPI calls to record and playback Avatar data for networking?

That is what I am doing yes.

Yes, we're sending the avatar pose-data over the network. We support up to 3 remote avatars in our game.

I haven't checked the packet sizes recently, but I can do that in the next day or so and report back.

Heroic Explorer
Thanks both. Reason I ask is that I'm aware some folks hadn't found the record / playback CAPI calls in the Avatar header and were passing a lot more data back and forth via other methods / sending at 10Hz and lerping, rather than capturing and a buffer of real motion data (the end result gets smoothed out that way).

We'll aim to marshall this to Unity in a future build, we also need to get the Unity docs to reference some of these more hidden CAPI calls.

I do see rendering issues with combining meshes... we don't have a mix, just all are combining. But the avatars don't sort properly in our world, and some pieces are missing from the avatars when using combining. Without combining it seems ok.

Heroic Explorer
@twong_hulu  - can you share a screenshot / more info about the issues you're seeing with combining?