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User reviews

Now that we have user reviews, I notice a 1-star review for one of my apps:"Despues de que se actualizara la aplicacion de oculus cada vez que intento descargar alguna aplicacion no me permite realizar dicha descarga en segundo plano y tengo que empe...

drash by Heroic Explorer
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Problem with ossig

Hi guys.We made a project for a company that worked well, but now they asked a new build and doesn't work anymore (in new devices). They send new id devices and I generated the ossig, but when they try to play receive the message "The apk is not assi...

turans by Honored Guest
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Latest Android Firmware Links | Update July 28th 2015

Hi folks!We tend to go through firmware links pretty quickly around here. This thread is your go-to spot for the latest links to Gear VR system images and software. Here's what you need:(1) L OS firmware for N910F

Latest Binary for S5

Hello all,Is there a working link to the latest firmware update for the S5 devkit (G900X)?Thanks

haraldini by Honored Guest
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Sampling OVRDisplay.eyeTextures

Hi,We are currently working with Unity 5.0.1p2, GearVR OVR SDK 0.4.3We are attempting to read from the current OVRDisplay.eyeTexture each frame, and blit this out to another texture to be used with another shader/material later in the render pipeline...

PaulC by Honored Guest
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GearVR+Note4 observations

As usual, I've gathered a few observations I'd like to share. If you're someone that wants to go through this experience yourself with a clean slate mind, please stop reading any further as this post contains spoilers.----First, the positives:I'm ove...

drash by Heroic Explorer
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Missing methods while updating to 0.5.0

Hi all, I am porting AW to 0.5.0 and I realise some methods seem gone, or at least I can't find them.1-angularVelocity: Where do I get this now? This one is very important for AW.2-OVRCameraController.FollowOrientation -> is it gone now (Can't find i...

Do we need to update (to 0.5.0) and resubmit?

Hi We currently have our App release in the US and demo in the other regions. We've just seen there is a new Mobile SDK (0.5.0), should we be updating and then resubmit the builds or are they good to leave as they are?

Oculus Mobile SDK 0.4.3 Released

Release Notes This document provides an overview of new features, improvements and fixes that are included in this distribution of the Oculus Mobile SDK. If you are developing with Unity, we recommend updating to Unity 4.6.1, which contains Android 5...

IMPORTANT: Android 5 Lollipop Compatibility

Hi folks,Android 5.0 "Lollipop" is going to start rolling out to Samsung Note 4 customers soon. The first group of devices to get this update will be unlocked phones from Europe in the middle of January. We have discovered a bug in the Oculus Mobile ...

Oculus home opening instead of deployed app

Sporadically, instead of the deployed game (started via the app icon), I'm getting booted into oculus home instead. Sadly this is before I can actually get a debugger to connect, so I've been hunting though logcat, and this suspicious chunk appears w...

GearVR 1st day feedback

Today I got my Gear, mostly a smooth experience, but while I test I will give some feedback:- the first account selection should have a back button for noobs like me that do not yet know the Note4 well enough to notice the back button on the device i...

Gerald by Expert Protege
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Unity 5

Unity 5's out today.Has anyone been using it for Gear VR dev? Any notable differences in performance etc?Oculus is it safe to move over?

sfaok by Protege
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Latest Oculus Update Causes Graphical Issue - 17th Feb

I was just in the middle of performing the final tests before submitting and I was asked to update to the latest version of OCULUS, which I did. Once it had finished installing I rebooted our title to finish my testing and i noticed a jagged glowing ...

Oculus Home (The Store) - Localised Screen Shots

Due to the recent news of European language translations coming to the store at the end of January, I was wondering what the options were in regards to displaying the different localized screen shots? Is this functionality also going to be available ...

Less memory available on Android 5.0

Thought I'd create a new thread to ask rather than ask in the stickied thread.We submitted our app to Oculus and they came back with a crash on Android 5.0. The crash is the GPU running out of memory.I checked to see if it crashed on Android 4.4.4 an...

crammy360 by Honored Guest
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Startup Scene Best Practices

If you haven't already done so, please take a look at the Startup_Sample in the SDKExamples. It shows how to create and implement a small startup scene that transitions to your main scene. You'll most likely be required (or at least really want to) i...

IronMan by Honored Guest
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New Oculus Mobile SDK (0.4.2) Released NotesThis document provides an overview of new features, improvements and fixes that are included in this distribution of the Oculus Mobile SDK.If you are developing with Unity, we recommend u...

Unity 4.6.1 p4

Guys, Have you seen the patch 4 release notes?Oculus GearVR: Enabled low latency audio support.Oculus Plugin: Future Oculus Plugin releases will no longer require Direct_To_Rift.exeOculus: Added VR friendly splash screen for Unity Free. (none) - Ocul...

IAP / Facebook Payment integration

Hi Is there any update on the IAP & Facebook Payment integration in to the mobile SDK? We were told some time back that the IAP would be changing to use Facebook payments and to await a SDK update sometime between the Free & Paid Store release. Any u...

GearVR Store - Analytics & Privacy Policy

As other Android stores such as Google Play have quite strict rules about data gathering, I wanted to ask what privacy policies are required and if there were any restrictions to us creating our own Individual IDs for user's devices to gather game an...

Unreal Engine 4, Gear ready for 4.7 ?

Hello hello !I wanted to have an update on the status of UE4, there is an 4.7 preview V2.Is it GearVR ready ?How sturdy will be the integration in 4.7 ?Will it be good enough to make a build and ship ?UE 4.7 is due in 2-3 weeks if all goes well.I loo...

Stop home from opening?

I have searched the forums pretty extensively for a solution.We have a launch GearVR Note with Oculus home and all of the launch apps installed. BTW, Great job everyone!I'm trying to run a native app, however, whenever I plug the device into the head...

scottr by Honored Guest
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New Binary (NK3), and Closed Beta

Hi all-We're getting really close to launch – thanks to all of you for your amazing support! Samsung has an updated VR binary, that has goodies such as 1s until killing processes on unmount now (which should give you time to save app data), and a lot...

zerogee by Honored Guest
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How to reinstall Oculus Home on S5?

Hi,I had to do a factory reset of my S5. (Google Play store stopped working... long story short, factory reset was the best solution.... Now Oculus Home is gone. Oops!I presume that I have to reinstall the VR-ready binary via my PC as outlined on thi...

gigajeff by Honored Guest
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