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Beginner Oculus Go/Unity/Controller question ...

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Hi! I am new to Unity and to VR in general - I come from a filmmaking and writing background, but want to start making VR apps, as I'm excited about the creative possibilities of VR. I have been slowly teaching myself how to use Unity, and have so far worked out how to make a very simple scene (a desert island with a palm tree and water all around it), which I have successfully built on my Oculus Go. I can look around and see the palm tree! 

What I would like to do next is to have some kind of gaze interaction and controller support. For example, to be able to have either a floating recticle and/or a raycaster coming from the controller so that i could click on the palm tree and interact with it. I have managed to add the controller prefab to the scene - I can build my project, and see it floating around. But after a ton of googling, searching YouTube, etc, etc, I still can't seem to find a simple explanation of how to add other features or ways to actually interact with objects ... Is there a beginners tutorial for adding in controller support for Go/Gear that someone could direct me to? 

I have no coding background, and have found the easiest way to learn what's happening is to follow along with YouTube videos ... But any help whatsoever, or links to scripts that I could add in or anything at all would be much appreciated!

Sorry if I sound like a total beginner - I'm just excited about the idea of creating interactive stories and am coming at this from that sort of background rather than a programming one! 

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Hi you should take a look in the SDK of SteamVR and its documentation. There is some video and documentation when I'm looking for what you search, like :
He use some existing prefab of the SDK.

Another one here :
Normaly, you can use SteamVR to do what you want 😉

Good Luck !

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Thanks so much for replying! I'm still a little confused though - I thought I would need to use the official Oculus Assets rather than Steam VR ones? Will the Steam SDK assets work for Go/Gear projects? 

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you should use Oculus Integration asset from the Unity Store for the GO.
I thought this was a nice tutorial: