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Can't log in as test user for IAP development

I'm trying to log in as one of my test users to try and see if my IAP setup is working. I used the instructions below and my bullet points correspond to theirs.

1. I do not see "Settings > Device > Users" anywhere in the app or on the headset.
2. This option does not exist
3. When I attempt to login with facebook in the app on my phone, I can only login as me, I can't choose to log in as any other user, and I can't login as a test user.
4. If I attempt to login with an oculus account - it tells me that I have merged accounts and forces me to login using Facebook, and only gives me the one option, to login as myself.

I was able to perform one test purchase and was charged $.01 for the privilege but I have been unable to repeat this (presumably because my main user now owns it) or continue debugging. Is there any better documentation for this process anywhere? Oculus' documentation is inaccurate and incomplete. Thanks. 

Log In to Oculus Device with a Test User Account

  1. If logged in to the device already, navigate to Settings > Device > Users. Otherwise, open your Oculus and go to step 3.
  2. Select Add Account.
  3. Click the Log In With Facebook button.
  4. Enter the email address and password from the Test Users page.