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Can't snap screenshots with latest version of Unity. Anyone else see this?

I recently updated my Go project to the latest version of Unity.
For some reason I can no longer take screenshots using the Oculus Dash.
Or share them on Facebook  using the Oculus Platform integration.
Very odd...
Is anyone else seeing a similar issue?

Expert Protege
I've not been able to use the casting or screenshot feature with my "Unknown Source" builds. I'm on Unity 2018.3 with the 1.35 integration. I assumed this was something built into the OS to keep you from sharing side-loaded content in an effort to curtail copyright violations or something. But it sounds like this worked on builds made from older versions of Unity?

Or are you talking about a released app that has recently been updated using Unity 2019?

The problem is with a released app. In order to get casting/sharing working, you need to set a permission for your app in the Oculus Dash, and also make sure your Graphics Memory is not protected. The first point would imply that side-loaded apps can't stream.

The capture screenshot feature is also not working for our Unity app from the store. The logs seem to indicate that a screenshot is happening, because I actually see the file path and name. However, it never completes...we don't see the "capturing" dot or hear the sound effect, and no file results.

Got the same problem here 😞  "Sharing App Content" on the app page is set to "accept"

Honored Guest
Sharing to Facebook is available when sharing screenshot in Oculus Home -> Sharing ->Sharing Photos.But I can not using this feature in my own Unity app even I have follow the documents.What's more, this feature is available On 17th, June but I can not share after even I do not any change to my app.