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Can we force 72Hz with GO?

Expert Protege
I like to use older 360Photos app because of folder handling and no slideshow pause betwenn user changes..
This is a must for us.
However when i sideload this app to the GO, refresh rate goes back to 60 Hz. I'm sensitive too, but many of my clients
also report that flickering.
So is it possible to force 72Hz on the go via ADB command (just like CA correction), or recompile, hacking APK file, etc?

Many thanks!

Expert Protege
As i wrote i like to use older 360Photos app.
Oculus 360Photos.

Expert Protege
still have this problem in 2020, lol!

Heroic Explorer
Chances this will ever will be addressed are low I expect as the GO is ending its 'life' end of this year.
You might get an answer if you mail the Oculus staff directly with you question.