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Character Camera Constraint Null Reference Exception

Level 2

I'm new to Oculus VR development and having issues with trying to watch a bunch of tutorials on YouTube being extremely out of date. After doing what I assumed was the closest to current level development, I have been able to get my character to move using the touch controllers, enable hands (not able to grab yet), and for the most part, use the Oculus Rift S as much as I would want to in a VR game.

However, after trying to get the "CharacterCameraConstraint" to work, I am now getting a Null Reference Exception whenever I try to run the game. I have the CharacterCameraConstraint component attached to the OVRPlayerController and have assigned the Camera rig to the proper reference. I have also checked the "Enable Collision" box. After this is when I get the error when trying to run the game.

I am using Oculus Integration version 17 with Unity version 2019.4.3f1.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Level 2
I'm sorry, I thought I was in the Rift S development channel. This is the wrong spot. Sorry guys! Ignore this