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Controller rotations (X,Y) values sometimes become reversed - Unity

Honored Guest
I will do my best to explain as this is pretty strange, does not happen all the time and not exactly sure why it happens. I'm developing on Unity for Oculus Go. Sometimes the X,Y of the controller rotation value become reversed, meaning when I point right, it moves to left.

This happens while my App is running, if I put down the headset, or pass it to another person. If I take out the controller battery, it will reset and works as intended again.

I'm getting the values through OVRInput.GetLocalControllerRotation(activeController).

I am not sure if it's my implementation or if someone had experience the same.

I'm experiencing the same thing. It's true in one project, but not others. Same exact code, opposite results.

One difference with the project in question, it's using Unity 2019.2.0f1. Whereas other projects are with earlier versions of Unity (versions 2019.1)