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Deleting Apps

Level 2

Is it possible to delete Apps from the 'My Apps' area?  I am sure I am just not seeing it!


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Hey Ste!

Just click the three dots icon on the right hand side of the text underneath the thumbnail image, then select 'Uninstall (XY MB)' 🙂

Level 2
This is in the developer dashboard area, yeah?  No three dots anywhere.

Level 5
The only way I see to delete an app you've made in your development console is to email and request it.   @cybereality  might also be able to... it's unknown to me just how far his access goes over there. 

Level 15
Actually, I don't see an option to delete apps from the developer dashboard. We may be able to do it manually, if really necessary, but let me double-check to see what the options are. Thanks.
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Level 2
Sweet.  Thanks for letting me know where things stand  🙂

Level 8
deleting would be good, or deprecating so they are hidden away not on the main dashboard. Ive already made a few apps to test the process but now dont need them. And working under a "working Title" name before an actual name is decided, it would be good to rename, or delete and create a new one.
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Level 2
I echo the comments made here. Having to email to do that is a pretty slow process and can really slow down development

Level 3
Also, can I change the app category or do I have to delete old one to create a new one in the category?
I have an app that got only "Keys Only" approved, so I'd like to improve it and try it in the Early Access category to get more user feedback.
Right now, the app got approved with no warnings and failings in the test result, but I'm not given any specific changes required in the feedback email.

Level 5
Any news on deleting apps from the dev portal?  I just accidentally created a GearVR app and now it's blocking us from creating a PC app with the same name, since I can't delete, rename, or modify the platform.

If it's only possible manually, who should we email about this?