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Developing for Oculus Go?

Level 2
Hi, I'm artist developing software with unity and I have a couple of questions that do not seem to be answered in the Oculus doc.

1. Is the process for developing for the Go the exact same as the Gear VR? 
2. Is it possible to upload a game to the Go with out have to publish it to the store?
3. Does anyone have a good step by step tutorial for developing straight to the GO without publishing to the Oculus store?

I have previous experience developing for the IPhone with unity but I have never worked with trying to build something for an android device. Being an artist I thought this would be a cheaper and easier way to show my VR work in a gallery, if that is not case I would love to know so I can return my headset.

Level 3
Hi @imperativity

Thanks for your answers! Just one thing: Gear VR apps outside the app store need OSIG files. How would one find the OSIG file of his Oculus Go? Or do you need the OSIG of the phone you attach it to?

Level 4
This seems like a good walk through of the process. Caveat - I'm still going through the process myself (Andriod Studio setup etc)...

Level 3
@imperativity Hi, is there a similar guide to ( but that does not use Unity? Ie one that for example builds one of the Native applications in VrSamples (for example Cubeworld_NativeActivity) using android studio.

Level 3
Thanks, but I actually got it working now by just following the documentation and some trial and error. If you don't mind I have another question, do you know if there is a good emulator for Oculus Go for android studio? Would make development easier if I don't need to run it on the headset every time.  @imperativity