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Disable Input / Camera Rendering on HMD Removal

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Hello Developer Community!

We are using Unity to develop for the Go and are having issues with desired HMD removal functionality. Oculus requires that "The app should not submit frames or accept input when the user removes the headset or opens Oculus Dash." So we set timescale to 0 and disable the TrackingSpace GameObject, and this works well on the Rift.

On the Go however, when we disable the TrackingSpace GameObject, rendering freezes and we're stuck with the last rendered frame. When the HMD is put on again, the screen is still frozen on the same frame. Holding the power button to get into the power menu and cancelling from there is the only way to get the app running and rendering correctly again. The last log we get in logcat is "[OVRManager] HMDUnmounted event", and then we get no more Unity logs, even when the HMD is put on again.

Is there a better way to disable input and rendering that we've been missing?

Using Unity 2019.2.14f1 and Oculus SDK Version 1.38.6