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GearVR Device Compatibility

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I have a GearVR application I am developing.  My primary development platform has been on my S7, on which it runs flawlessly at 60 fps.  I recently tested on the Note 4, and the performance is between 30-40 fps.  I could optimize in the future but not in the time I would like to submit the first build.

I looked over the developer documentation, and if I missed it I apologize, but I did not see an answer to the following: 
The store requirement says that the application must run at 60 fps; however, there's a number of devices across two or three (if you count the Note 4) generations of device now and I'm unclear what the requirement is for performance across all these devices, or if you can specify particular devices you intend to target, or how this works in general.

Is there any way someone could direct me to an answer in this matter? 


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Hi, I would also like to know the answer for this. Especially if it's possible to target or restrict a GearVR App to a subset of the possible GearVR devices as there is quite a bit of performance difference between top and lower end GearVR supporting phones now. Some types of experiences may require this targeting.

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I was told that there was a way to restrict which devices your app is approved for sale on, but I am having no luck finding such a thing. 

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What I've seen on the forums says that you should specify in the notes to review team (last part of the submission process) that your app does not support Note 4. Although I've also seen on the forums that if your app doesn't pass the note 4 performance test they would auto-drop support for that device. So seems to be some discrepancy between what's been said and what's happening. You might try posting this question in the Store Submissions section of the forums.

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Before you click Submit for Review, comment that you don't want your app to support Note 4. In my experience, the store folks do their best to accommodate reasonable requests.