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How to do entitlement check for mobile SDK (native) - What is appID?

Level 2
My submission received rejection and it says to support entitlement check.

I found the doc that talk about entitlement check:

Doc mentions:
Add the SDK location to the manager (InstallFolder/Android/libs/armeabi-v7a/

Now, I have the "".

When I insert following code to the JNI file, the code compiles.
#include "OVR_Platform.h"
if (ovr_PlatformInitializeAndroid("hello", object, env) != ovrPlatformInitialize_Success)
// Exit. Initialization failed which means either the oculus service isn’t on the machine or they’ve hacked their DLL

However, I don't know what I am supposed to pass for the appID field.

Doc says: 
appID - ID of the application (the user must be entitled to this app)

Is this mean the app package name? (ie. "")