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How to open the store page for your app?

Hi there,
Apologies for the barrage of questions, but development on our first Oculus Go title is hotting up and there is much we don't know!

Anyway, I am trying to add a link to our app's store page, so that users can rate it (similar to how we do it on the iOS and Android versions).

After trawling the documentation and forums, I can't find any concrete examples of how to do this, so I though I would ask here:

How do you you open the store page for your app, from within your app?

I am guessing a deep link to the store would be the best way, but what parameters would we need to pass to Platform.Application.LaunchOtherApp?

Thanks in advnace for your continued assistance!


Thank for getting back to me - help on this is much appreciated!
What I am having trouble working out are the parameters for...
ovr_Application_LaunchOtherApp(<app_id>, options);
...where <app_id> needs to be the Oculus store and  options needs to be the store page for my app.

Does that make sense?

Thanks once again for your help!

Any update, @imperativity ? Our app is nearin the final stages of development! Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hi @imperativity - thanks for the update.

If I understand correctly, what you are telling me is that it is not possible to open the store page for an already installed app using a deep link to the store app.

Just to make sure I am explaing our requirements, here they are in a bit more depth...
- We have an app.
- When people have played our app for a bit, we would like to prompt them to leave a rating
- The ideal functionality for this would be...
      a) A system dialogue with a star rating input (like on iOS), or...
      b) Opening the Oculus Store at our app's page, so the user can leave a rating.

I am assuming that Option A doesn't exist, so I am investigating Option B.

If we can't use a deep link to the store do this, is there an alternative method to open our app's store page post-install? If not, how does one prompt the user to leave a rating? Is there special functionality, or is this a phone/tablet paradigm that I should not be fussing about?

Thanks once again for your help!

Well that actually makes my job a bit easier... 
Thanks for the assist @imperativity!