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I would like to know the reason why I got 'Rejected' as submission result

Hiello. I am a developer.
I am trying to release our application to oculus store in GEAR VR

I got 'Rejected' as submission result as submission result from oculus.

my app has already passed all the test 
but my submission test was failed..



oculus doesn't give me any reason about test result at all...!!!

I can't understand that oculus doesn't let me know the reason why I got 'Rejected'!!

I have spent about 8 month for developing our application..

If I know the reason, I will fix it as soon as possible!!

I have sent e-mails to 'submission@oculus,com' for 6 times. but oculus doesn't give me any answer at all..

I'm starting to fret about not hearing from oculus...

It very simple that I would like to know.

"the reason" !!  

please...please..please... let me know...

this is my earnest desire..!


I'm in the same boat, spent the better part of this years free evenings and weekend fighting my wife for time to develop my app and have only been approved for keys.  No one will tell me why it won't be allowed in the store.  Its hard knowing users would love to play the game but can't deliver it through the store to anyone :(.  Even worse to see all my weekends and evenings sacrificed earned me nothing in return.

I know that feeling, as I'm in a similar situation. Approved (keys only), and a month of waiting period from submission to feedback... They must be saturated by submission requests I guess.

There must be a lot of people in a similar situation... let's hope it gets better with time, as it can be frustrating indeed.

Good luck!

I am still waiting the answer.......... 

Considering how long this has been a problem I don't think you're getting one. It would be something if it were a matter of quality, but there is some absolute garbage that gets approved. Maybe sell it on WEARVR?
Ordered: June 4th Status: Strapped to my ugly mug ON, Canada

Dear Oculus

I have developed an application for Gear VR since 2016.01. I submitted the app for releasing in 2016.08. the app has passed all test results. 

However, submission test results of the app is 'REJECTED'. I don't get any reason for it from oculus.

It is not big problem for 'REJECTED'. the problem is that I am not able to knows the reason at all. I will surely follow oculus's needs. I am frustrated because there is no way to do something. 

I see a bright future and vision of VR. I decided to commit my life to VR. so, I do my best to develop the app and start the app service for 9 month. I think oculus platform has future high growth probability. Therefore, I focus on developing for only oculus version.

However, I am so frustrated because oculus store registration is being delay without any reason.

Recently I submitted the app again in frustration. now it's in 'Under Review'. I really would like to know what is going on. 

I would like to know the reason If the submission result is 'REJECTED' again. I would like to know why.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I welcome any comments from oculus.

<the app information>
1. Name : MintPot
2. Developer : BeomJun Ko
3. the fist submission : 2016.08
4. 'REJECTED' status : 2016.09
5. re-submission : 2016.09.28

Just saw this. You probably know about it, but just in case, this is from the Oculus Unity Integration Details page:
  • Unity 5 automatically generates manifest files with Android builds that will cause them to be automatically rejected by the Oculus Store submission portal. If this is blocking your application submission, please let us know on our Developer Forum and we will work with you on a temporary workaround.
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