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New feature on ConstructVR: Integrated Oculus Submission Validations

Level 4
Hi all,

I wanted to share with you all that we've recently shipped the ability to easily run Oculus Submission Validations on ConstructVR

You can simply upload your GearVR app and click "Validate with Oculus", it will run the same tooling as the Oculus Submission Validator (v1.0.3) except it runs in the cloud instead of you running it locally on your developer machine (it was a huge hassle to setup!). Here's the blogpost:

The benefit of using it on the site is you can work together with more developers to get feedback in real-time, as well as, we will be surfacing reports that show errors and warnings over time for your GearVR apps. As always, we are a huge supporter of the developer community and you can easily get started for free:

Any feedback is greatly appreciate! We're always listening to developers and seeing ways where we can provide better value with our devtools!

Jaime Bueza
Co-founder, ConstructVR