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Oculus GO and Three.js weird behaviour when update texture

Honored Guest
Description of the problem
I'm working on a project which contains drawing like MS Paint in 3D using Three.js and WebVR. On platforms such as PC, Oculus GO and Gear VR as a browser application.

I'm trying to draw on texture using HTML canvas and canvasTexture. I'm just using lines and arcs on a virtual canvas at the place of uvs given from raycast with plane intersection. Everything here works ok.

The problem:
When I use any "handheld" drawing tool (e.g. pencil), I need to update the texture every frame to show the drawing in realtime. Then, only in VR (on desktop everything is ok), on my plane mesh (and on some other meshes added to the scene, but only a few) appears some fading mask.

Today I have tested everything again and bug changed its behaviour. Previously  it was single copy of 3d objects renderend after entering VR on drawing plane ( in exmaple those cones, boxes or torus) and it was only visible when the trigger was held. Now when I draw something on left plane it is still ok, but when I draw on right plane with changed canvas size, after finishing i get three copies of 3D models.

I have published issue on library github which may help but the bug behaviour has changed:

As they asked, I have prepaired simple demo which shows how bug looks like:

Waiting for response. Cheers.