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Oculus Go Build Problem

Expert Protege
Testing Application building for the Oculus GO when pressing "Build
and Run" and half way through the build I first received this message:

"Require API level 26" with three options below "Update Android SDK" or
"Use Highest Installed".
Choosing "Update Android SDK" brings up a new
message "Unable to install additional SDK Platform. Please run SDK
manager manually manually. Make sure you have the latest set of tools
and required platforms installed..."

Using Android Studio >
configure > SDK Manager I am noticing that I have already all Android
SDK version from 4.0 to10.0 installed.

Going back and clicking the second option: "Use Highest Installed" I receive the following Message:

set to use minimum SDK of AndroidApLevel21 but the latest installed SDK
on the system is 0. Please use the Android SDK Manager to install the
minimum SDK version. Restart Unity after SDK instalation for the changes
to take effect". I restarted Unity, but as I suspected the problem did
not go away. I am an artist not a programmer and simple don't know where
to turn to to solve this problem.

I know it's a lot to ask, but I
am wondering if somebody can figure out a solution I would be very
grateful. Everybody here will know how frustrating it can be to be stuck and not getting any further. (Sadly, I am an artist, not a programmer. Please bear that in mind). Thank you very much for your help. Fantasy becomes Reality