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Oculus Go - Unity 2018 - Single Pass Stereo - Standard Post Processing Shaders are an issue..

TLDR: Do any of the Bloom assets work for OculusGo in Single Stereo?

After reading a lot of threads and trying several workarounds I find myself in a strange place. Single Pass doesn't work with the post processing pack and it seems to be rather low on the Unity team's priority list. See this thread for a recent discussion of the issue:

I tried out the demo of AmplifyBloom from the asset store but it totally didn't work for OculusGo, regardless of single or multi pass. It was utterly broken in SRP. Apparently AmplifyBloom had the best performance but I'll try checking out UltimateBloom.


Hi @imperativity
The exact version is 2018.1.0f2 and these aren't my own custom post processing shaders, this is the standard Unity pack on the asset store