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Oculus Go controller touchpad issues (discussion)

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Related bug report can be found here:

The touchpad on the Oculus Go Controller sporadically reports significantly incorrect values for touch positions, mostly biased towards reporting a position of (0, 0) when the touchpad is clearly being touched, particularly towards the top of the touchpad.

What are your opinions on this, have you noticed issues or is everything working as intended for you?


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Woow...just Woow..Thanks ... for the info to everyone that has contributed !!!.. 
Guess I'd have to change my whole game ...

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I fixed this problem on my Go controller by putting a piece of aluminum foil on the minus side of the battery and had it come to the outside of the case. As long as my hand is touching the aluminum foil (in my case) the touchpad always works perfectly.

Confirmed. 🙂 Works also for me. 😉