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Oculus Go in app alpha release channel UPDATE bug / not visible

Hi there! I am developing a small app with Unity for the Oculus Go using all the latest Editor and SDK versions. Releasing and testing via Oculus Dev alpha channel works fine so far for my own device. I can see the app in VR Home Update section and installed it and it shows up with my Go Apps inside VR ;-). But I got to problems I cant get rid off:

1. I always get prompted/warned that there is a new update for my app, also nothing with the builds changed I get this prompt on every startup of the app (doesnt matter if auto updates are on or off for the device...)

2. I invited two users as testers via the Dev alpha channel distributing portal. Both users see the app in their Oculus Account under my preview apps, but they do not find it under update/unknown sources whatever on their they also have to be invited as developers to use that feature? would not make sense I only users with an assigned role in my dev organisation could test the app....

Thanks for any tips, got a little bit stressed, cause dealine is tomorrow  :open_mouth: