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Oculus Go integration broken with both UE4 and Unity?

Could someone please help me to figure out what I'm doing wrong, or is the support for GO already dismissed on new engine versions?

On UE4, single pass is not working with Go, controller input mappings have not worked after UE4. 23. All tutorials and documentation at both UE4 and Oculus websites still refer to use "Motioncontroller" mappings for input, but those are not available after engine 4.23... New inputs are not working, as Go controller gives wrong outputs. 

On Unity, the Oculus XR plugin is not working. Multipass causes splash screen to tear all around and single pass makes one eye go completely black. Unity's build in xr integration works great with both multiview and single pass, but Renderdocs won't work with Unity's own xr integration, only with Oculus XR integration on multiview. Controller inputs work though. 

Anybody still developing for GO and could give some advice? It would be much appreciated!