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OculusPlatformUtil: seeing "Waiting for processing to begin..." quite a bit now

Heroic Explorer
I've been using this newer oculus-platform-util.exe command-line tool for several weeks now, and only had it get stuck on the "waiting for processing" message a handful of times - in which case shutting down the tool and trying it again always did the trick.

Now I'm just getting stuck on that message over and over.  Is the backend down or backed up?   How long should I actually be waiting at this step?

Thanks for any help!   Other than this issue, I absolutely love this tool.  🙂   
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Sorry, we were experiencing issues with our processing system yesterday. It should be back to normal now.

Heroic Explorer
Cool, thanks for the update.   You and your team has done a nice job on the dashboard and submission portal, it's come a long way!
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Honored Guest
Still can't upload my .apk with "oculus-platform-util" and website neither.
It's all stuck into an cycle before shows failed...