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Remote Control & VR Sync

Honored Guest

This is a repost of a discussion I started in the community section. I didn't know I have to ask it here instead, new to the forums, pardon my mistake! 🙂

I am building a 4-seat virtual reality motion platform amusement machine. I have a host computer that my servo motors are connected to and receive data from through cable. I want to know if I can send signals from that host computer, with a router, to the 4 Oculus Go headsets that would be on the machine. I want to play the same 360 video on all 4 headsets at the same time, and in addition, motion data that is sent to the motors should also be synced with the videos.

I haven't purchased an Oculus yet but I am interested in volume purchases if it can do what I need.

Thanks to everyone in advance.

Hey everyone. We are trying the same thing. We got the communication working with windows but not on android. Any tips?