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Signing for Oculus Go

Level 3
Hello! Is it possible to update my Oculus Go app on the Oculus Home? Unity 2020.2, Oculus Integration 20.1. Manifest created with Oculus Tools.
Ovr-platform-util says that "ERROR: Sign your APK and resubmit". Tried to sign apk with jarsigner: "ERROR: The APK is only for 6DoF devices and cannot be used on the 3DoF mobile platform. You can set android: required = "false" in android.hardware.vr.headtracking if you want GearVR / Go and Oculus Quest to access the APK. APKs for 3DoF platforms must be signed with the version 1 signature scheme." Writing "false" doesn't help.


Level 3
Hello. Did you manage to solve this problem?